The UNBUSY Mini Retreat is two hours uninterrupted time-out to
slow down, let go, relax and refresh. 
Within light filled rooms & polished floor boards underfoot, feel cocooned in a sanctuary that promotes relaxation, release and nourishment UNBUSY style.

UNWIND from the feet upwards starting with a soothing foot bath with your choice of UNBUSY signature foot bath fizzles. As you soak your feet, learn some gentle yet effective self-massage to melt away stress & tension.
ALIGN your body and discover your potential for feeling     calm, refreshed and energised. Your movement expert will guide you through a series of exercises to strengthen & tone with appropriate modifications to suit your needs.
NOURISHING UNBUSY Organic Teas will be served while you devour delicious treats, sit and relax, have a chat and a laugh. Your retreat guide is here to answer any questions about your experience.  
                                                                                                                              RETREAT BOX Take UNBUSY home. Included within: UNBUSY Organic Tea Blends sampler, UNBUSY Foot Fizzies, candle.