The gold moments in life are being smothered under a suffocating blanket of "busy".

As I vacuumed the house in late 2017, I wondered if I could find a way to fulfill our child-like needs; play, fun, peace and creativity in this busy world?

Kids happily playing "tea parties" sprung to mind. The grown up version?


"Number 5 Cafe" in Bellingen makes the most fantastic chai. On our trips up to the lush land in northern New South Wales to visit family, my husband and I found escape sitting outside on Church Street gulping cup after cup of super gingery, hot Masala Chai. The flavours conjured up time at music festivals in our less responsibility laden years. And for me, memories of beautiful and romantic India were delivered to me in each sip. 

Chai appeared as a perfect way to convey the layered ideas within UNBUSY. 

It delivers ease, release, luxury and alignment all in a cup.

We started by making packets of chai for Christmas gifts. I put my love of branding into a cute label and gave packet after packet with great satisfaction.

It's the beginning and we"re excited. Thank you to all those who have supported us so far & we look forward to you joining the UNBUSY journey.