This beautifully smooth Second Earth yoga block has a firmness and stability you just can’t get with a foam or PVC block. Rounded edges ensure a comfortable grip while the natural cork texture provides amazing feel so you can focus entirely on your practice.

About cork:

Cork is a renewable, sustainable material, which comes from the bark of a cork oak tree. It contains natural anti-microbial properties that resist mould, mildew and smells

  • 100% sustainable and made from renewable resources.                             
  • Made from 100% natural cork. 
  • No PVC, PER, TPE or adhesives used
  • Easy-to-grip, non-slip surface with comfortable contoured edges.


Wipe clean with a damp cloth or use an organic cleaning solution with no harsh chemicals.


7.6cm x 15.2cm x 22.8cm

700 grams

Designed in Australia and the cork is sourced from Portugal.